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Discover how "Rejuran S" can Help get rid of acne scars!

Are you trying every method to get rid of those unsightly pock marks but failing?

WHY Rejuran S is suitable for acne scars!

The Journal of Cosmetic Chemists published a research paper in 2009 investigating the effects of rubbing the DNA from salmon milt on human skin. A 3% salmon DNA cream was rubbed onto the subjects over a period of 3 months and the results were amazing! The DNA drastically improved the skin’s elasticity and improved hydration. Medical researchers have found that salmon DNA has very similar base structure with humans. PDRN is the useful compound that is extracted from salmon’s DNA for cosmetic applications. In humans, PDRN is commonly found in newly formed tissues as its role is to repair damaged skin.

How does injecting PDRN help with acne and scars?

it has higher concentration & viscosity to lift up deep acne scars!

PDRN, also known as polydeoxyribonecleotide, is a remarkable compound with several benefits such as tissue repair, anti-ischemic and anti-inflammation. For several years, PDRN has been used by medical doctors in regenerative medicine and for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers.

Rejuran S induces collagen production to heal damaged skin tissues!

Rejuran® S has higher concentration of PDRN/PN and it has thicker viscosity compared to Rejuran® HB and Rejuran® Healer. The concentrated PN promotes and boosts healing of acne scar tissues and help to fill up the dents in scars and smoothens out the skin tissues. Rejuran® S is injected just under the surface of acne scars, which directly targets and repairs the skin at the exact location where it is needed through promoting collagen production. In turn, even depressed and sunken scars are rejuvenated due to the treatment’s volumising effects on the scarring area.


WHAT are the benefits of the Rejuran® S Treatment?

Clinically proven to heal acne scars, diminish fine lines, give a glowy appearance (now you know the secret of Korean celebrities) and lift the skin the skin to reveal younger-looking skin, the Rejuran® Healer Treatment is a skin healing treatment that addresses aging skin at a cellular level. Just like any wound care treatment and management, it takes about 4 to 6 weeks to see any visible results. Patients generally notice their skin looking more hydrated and supple, with less wrinkles and fine lines.

Treats depressed acne scars!

promotes tissue restoration

repairs damaged skin tissues!

hydrates skin

embark on your journey of being acne-free with rejuran® s!

Rejuran® S
Frequently Asked Questions.

You can expect a slight discomfort during the process but our experienced aestheticians and doctors will be sure to apply numbing cream onto the treatment areas before administering the injections. 

A facial cleansing process will be carried out before numbing cream is applied to the face. Next, the Rejuran® S will be injected into the superficial layers of the skin of your chosen treatment areas. Then, receive a soothing face massage for better absorption into the skin.

We recommend that you go for Rejuran® S treatments once a month. For the best personally tailored advice for your skin and condition, speak to our doctors and experienced aestheticians! Get your free skin assessment and consultation now when you sign up online!

There are no side effects of the Rejuran® S. It is FDA-approved and safe for usage, especially in the skilled hands of our practised aestheticians and doctors! However, we recommend that you do not apply makeup for at least a day to ensure that the treatment areas do not get infected, as well as for healing purposes. You may experience slight bruising on the treatment areas or no bruising at all. This varies from individual to individual. In the event that you do get bruising, fret not as it is completely normal and can be easily covered and hidden with some makeup.

About 3-5 days after the treatment, you can witness an improvement to your face’s skin texture as well as a more radiant glow. The results will only get better from there on out as you return for more courses of the Rejuran® S!