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trust us when we say that acne-free clear skin is within your reach!

Would you like to achieve a spotless, bump-free and flawless skin texture in as little as 15 minutes? Let the versatile Pro-Yellow Laser® permanently restore your spotless complexion!

are you tired of living with a face full of raging red marks or active acne?

If this sounds like you, there is still hope for you!

Do you constantly find yourself not being able to leave the house without piling on concealer or foundation to cover those unsightly red acne scars or raging acne?

Do you always catch yourself being envious of celebrities with effortless and flawless bare skin?

The revolutionary cure-all Pro-Yellow Laser® will literally get to the root of the problem to target and treat your skin concerns!

If this sounds like you, it is time to love yourself better and finally be able to take selfies that are truly “I woke up like this!”

HOW DOES pro-yellow® WORK on acne?

newest DISCOVERY shows THAT 15MINS pro-yellow laser® IS THE KEY TO having acne-free skin!

The Pro-Yellow Laser® makes use of a pure yellow laser that is the first and currently the only laser that works two options – for treating skin pigmentation and skin rejuvenation. The yellow wavelength is able to produce 40% higher absorption in blood as compared to its predecessor, green laser. This translates to less power being required during treatment and therefore, minimal side effects.

The yellow light energy from the Pro-Yellow Laser® treats acne by killing the P.acne bacteria that causes acne and at the same time, reducing redness caused by inflammation. The Pro-Yellow Laser® also shrinks sebaceous glands that produce sebum (oil).

SO, we present THE PROVEN SHORTCUT TO getting that acne-free skin!

With the latest technological invention of the Pro-Yellow Laser®, be empowered to achieve clear and glowing skin that is free of acne! There shouldn’t be a reason as to why you should continue living in the shadows of the unsightly and painful acne that has been dragging your self-esteem down for years.

Discover how you can live your best life with the optimum self-confidence that you are so deserving of! Let this life-changing treatment make you look stunning both on and off social media!


Suitable for sensitive skin!



haunted by your acne woes? break free! get yourself a skin assessment & consultation to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Be rest assured that Pro-Yellow Laser® treatments are painless, especially in the hands of our trusted and experienced doctors!

Prior to each treatment, a layer of ultrasound gel will be applied on the intended areas. Protective eyewear will be provided to shield your eyes from intense light. During treatment, you will feel the heat/warmness from the device.
We would recommend you to come for sessions as frequent as every month or so, while you still have active acne as this laser kills the p.acne bacteria in your skin and prevents the growth of those unsightly pimples that you detest so much. However, the interval may differ if your skin has a longer recovery period. For the best personally tailored advice for your skin, speak to our doctors and experienced aestheticians! Get your free skin assessment and consultation now when you sign up online!
There are no side effects of Pro-Yellow Laser®. It is FDA-approved and safe for usage, especially in the skilled hands of our practised aestheticians and doctors! You can be free to put on makeup immediately after your treatment sessions as this is a zero-downtime treatment.
Immediately after the treatment, you should be able to witness an improved and brightened glow to your skin as this laser exfoliates all the accumulated dead skin while restoring your radiant shine. The results will only improve over the number of sessions!