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Discover how onlifreez® can get rid of moles, keloids, skin tags and warts without surgery!

Using patented cryogenic air to treat growth inhibiting skin conditions without pain and side effects!

considering to get rid of unsightly skin growth with surgery, yet afraid side effects & pain?

If you are, keep reading on!

Have you been living with a keloid scar, warts, skin tag, moles, melasma for years? They can be really annoying and uncomfortable to live with. Yet surgery seems to be the only option?

What if there’s a way to get rid of them quickly in just minutes of treatment? Without any pain or side effects. 

how does onlifreez® work?

ONLifreez® uses cryogenic temperatures ejected under high pressure on to the skin. The gas is very cold which helps to freeze and destroy any benign lesions.

During the application, the tip of the device reaches -89°C. The reason for this is to create a thermal shock at the region where the gas is pointed by causing a rapid drop in temperatures. The temperature drop has the effect of crystallising the fluid contents of the targeted cells, turning them into ice shards, resulting in the destruction of skin lesions as the membrane surrounding the treated cells is ruptured and destroyed.

Say goodbye to moles, lesions, warts, keloids and skin tags now!

During treatment, you may see a frost or ice-field on top of the lesion. This shouldn’t cause any worry as the frost usually goes away within a few seconds. A common technique called freeze-thaw-freeze can sometimes be used to freeze, then defrost a frozen lesion, and then freeze it again. Here, the frozen lesion is allowed to rest for 30 seconds and then a second treatment applied whereby the tissue will freeze faster second time around and destruction of the lesion is more guaranteed.


Painless procedure

no side effects

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Onlifreez® is a non-invasive, painless procedure.

During the treatment, you may feel a little cold on the treated area. 

We would recommend you to come for sessions once a month. However, the interval may differ if your skin has a longer recovery period. For the best personally tailored advice for your skin, speak to our doctors and experienced aestheticians! Get your skin assessment and consultation now when you sign up online!

There are no side effects of ONLifreez®. It is FDA-approved and safe for usage, especially in the skilled hands of our practised aestheticians and doctors! 

This is totally dependant on your skin’s recovery period. In general, it takes up to 2 weeks to see the fully realised results. However, some of our past clients have claimed to witness an improvement in just 5 short days!

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